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What Happens When I Book?


Whether you are inquiring and want to meet in person or if you know for certain that you want to book. We will set up a complimentary in person consultation at my Rockwall studio. This is a no cost or obligation consultation, just a 30 minute meeting to sit down and chat about you, your partner, your children, your style, your ideas, what you love, your budget and we’ll strategize a plan to make your dream session a reality. Next, we’ll pick a suitable date and we’re ready to shoot your session.

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This is the day of the portrait session. All of the planning we made during the consultation is pulled together and we’re ready to shoot. Get ready to have some fun and be amazed by the results!


Approximately 2 weeks after your session you’ll come back to the studio and I’ll present your gallery to you and your family. This will be the first time you’ll see your portraits, get some tissues ready cause you’re probably going to cry at these beautiful photographs (don’t worry it happens all the time).


You will be presented with around 25-35 proofed images from which we will narrow down to your most favorite portraits. ALL decisions in regards to your portrait order are made at this session. The preview and ordering session takes about 1 hour to create and finalize your package and I’ll be there to help and guide you. There are no pressure sales, it’s all worked out to fit your budget. Around 2-3 weeks later you’ll come back to collect your order and it’s time for you to share your fabulous photographs displayed on premium artwork around your fantastic home.

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