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When commissioning SGP as your photographer, you are not paying for a piece of photo paper or a JPEG image: you are paying for the artist's passion and experience. I am humbled to win your choice as a photographer, and I am proud of the way I can create a unique, custom setup for your photo session. Each photograph results from years of dedication as well as hours of personalized attention, and I am not happy until I have a beautiful gallery to present to you. All of that said, it is my experience and conviction that a printed portrait has a deeper, lasting value over that of any digital file or social media share.


In forty years--or even fifteen years from now--the CD's, USB's, hard drives, and even JPEG's that we use today will likely be outdated, incompatible, and long gone. Technology keeps changing, but some things don't change... Like the way you can't help but smile at the portrait you've had sitting at your desk since you took the job... or the countless times you stand with family and friends in front of your home's mounted photos, remembering the way you used to be and all the ways you've grown.




The products offered for purchase through SGP are made to last through generations. Our products are processed by hand in the USA and made of archival materials that can only be purchased in the best professional printing labs. Adversely, consumer labs rarely offer quality materials that are comparable to that of a professional lab and often, as a result of issues in calibration, print out images that deviate in color and tone from the original. 


I love it when I can help clients place a professional print order. My desire is for you to have something tangible: something that you can display with joy and look at every day when you walk by it. My hope is that your images will be passed down from you to your children and to their children. My confidence is that you will cherish every photograph.

Products From

The Packages (a mix of all my products) from $450

Wall Art, Canvas, Blocks and Wall Displays from $250

Heirloom Albums from $900

Fine Art Prints from $45

Please get in touch for the complete product guide.

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