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Liam Ezra | Donut Smash

My sweet boy is going to be 3 in one week! I cannot believe it, time is flying!

My son is ALL about cars... well, any kind of vehicle, really. He has been obsessed with them for the past 2 years. We didn't throw Liam a 2 year birthday party last year because I was busy giving him a little sister lol. This year I wanted to do a full session for him with a donut smash since I never did a cake smash with him for his first birthday... I'm a slacker! Thankfully, he looooved all of the attention he got for this. He was so excited to get his photos taken since he always sees me taking photographs of so many other babies and children. He was like, "Liam's turn!" He is just so cute and smart! He knew exactly what to do and he shined the entire time.

I hope you enjoy looking through this session of my handsome first born son, Liam Ezra

**Backdrop was painted by me

**Floor drop is from Baby Dream Backdrops (Monterey Planks)

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