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Alex Broyles | Newborn Session

Alex Broyles did a stupendous job throughout his entire newborn shoot. When he got to the studio he was asleep, when he ate he was asleep, during his session he was asleep! Then he opened his eyes for a handful of shots and went right back to sleep. He was the epitome of a perfect newborn baby model! So incredibly easy to work with and oh so handsome! I loved his cute rolls and perfectly round head. He was one of my larger newborn babies and he did great. His older brother Ben loved the camera, can't ya tell? These little guys are practically irish twins and I am sure they will be the best of friends. Ben was so well behaved and cooperative during the shoot.

Their parents sure are blessed to have such cute little people in their lives and I am even more blessed to have met them.

I hope you enjoy looking through our favorite images. Feel free to share!

^^This image is a composite and should not be attempted without proper training in newborn posing. Newborn babies cannot support their heads on their own. Baby's head was supported at all times by someone and my assitants hands were edited out in post editing.

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